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broaden your horizons.


There are too many bad, boring, and forgettable books. We help discerning readers find & recommend good books so we can all focus on reading what we love.


Good books should be read. We publish deserving projects and help them get discovered by readers who love them.

Readers love reading. What we don’t love is wasting time and attention on books that aren’t worth it.


In December 1936, C.S. Lewis approached J.R.R. Tolkien with a friendly dare. “There is too little of what we really like in stories,” he said. “I am afraid we shall have to try and write some ourselves.”


Their wager made a difference, but a century later, there is still too little of what we really like in books. Worse, the proportion of books that are mediocre, forgettable, and downright bad is higher than ever.

With your help, Wootton Major Publishing aims to change that.


Between 2 and 3 million new books get published every year. The vast majority will never be widely read. Many won’t even be worth reading, as long as short-sighted commercial concerns continue to overrule the better judgment of too many publishers and self-publishers.

Your hard work could drift in this Sea of Endless Selection. Or, you could bring a navigator aboard who knows how to guide projects like yours into harbor. We can't guarantee sales (nobody can), but we know how to connect books worth reading with readers who want to read them.


Readers: How it Works

Sign up below to get occasional recommendations about books worth reading. We recommend books new and old, for readers young and old, fiction and nonfiction, from every genre.


Plus get timely announcements about books our authors are working on.


Plus discover ways you can get involved – upvoting and supporting current and future publishing projects that match your interests.

The global library is vast, and growing all the time. Help us help you (and readers like you!) find books worth reading.

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Writers: How it Works

1. Query. Use the Submission Form to explain why your book is a good fit for Wootton Major Publishing.

2. Sign. If it’s a match, we'll respond with a publishing offer within 8 weeks.

3. Evolve. Work with a Development Editor to evolve your manuscript into its best self.

4. Plan. Work with a Marketer to customize our pre- and post-launch publicity campaigns, designed to help your book get noticed.

5. Celebrate. Your book is published!

6. Partner. We partner with you to keep promotion going year after year.

7. Envision. We start planning our next book together.

Ready to Get Started?
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