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broaden your horizons.


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Genres & Imprints


Most nonfiction is published under this brand, including academic work, creative nonfiction, memoir, poetry, stage plays, and anything that doesn't fit under our other imprints.

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Faeros is our imprint for speculative fiction, including fantasy, sci-fi, magical realism, and their various subgenres.

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Phial publishes overtly religious work, including non-academic theology, inspirational, and Christian living.

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Why Authors Choose Us

Between 2 and 3 million new books get published every year. The vast majority will never be widely read. Many won’t even be worth reading, as long as short-sighted commercial concerns continue to overrule the better judgment of too many publishers and self-publishers.

Your hard work could drift in this Sea of Endless Selection. Or, you could bring a navigator aboard who knows how to guide projects like yours into harbor. We can't guarantee sales (nobody can), but we know how to connect books worth reading with readers who want to read them.

What We're Looking For

We publish original work that reveals, as Shakespeare's Hamlet said, "there is more in heav'n and earth than is dreamt of in your philosophy." Use the form below to show us that your project widens the world's horizons for its audience. If you successfully make your case, we'll invite you to submit a full proposal (and we'll explain exactly what we mean by that in the invitation).

How to Submit

At this time, Wootton Major Publishing accepts book proposal submissions by invitation only. You can use the form below to request an invitation, but first, we invite you to peruse our current Calls for Submission:

Calls for Submission

From time to time, we publish a Call for Submission (CFS) around specific projects or themes. These are your opportunities to pitch us original work knowing exactly what we're hoping to see. Sign up to be alerted promptly when we publish our next CFS.

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Invitation Request Form

Part 1: Personal Details

Describe your personal platform. Are you active on social media; if so, which & how many friends & followers do you have? Are you a regular contributor to a journal, news outlet, literary magazine, multi-contributor content service, TV or web-based TV station, or similar? Are you a frequent participant in local, national, or international events, such as special-interest conventions and conferences, art & craft shows, political and/or religious and/or civic organizations, etc.? Provide as much detail as you feel would be helpful. Include URLs and other contact details whenever possible. (Hint: it is acceptable to drop names here, so long as you can do so honestly!)

Part 2: Project Pitch


Describe your project type. Is it a novel, a graphic short story, a multi-author academic anthology, an illustrated chapter book, children’s educational nonfiction in rhyming couplets?

How far along is the project? Is it outlined, partly drafted, completed manuscript, in its third revision? No wrong answers here – simply looking to establish a rough schedule.

Pitch: Describe your project in 500 words. Be thorough; be intriguing!

Fit: Explain why your project is a great fit for Wootton Major Publishing. How will it broaden readers’ horizons? How will it show them that “there’s more in heav’n and earth” than they previously assumed? Does it chart a course to a whole new world, reveal the one waiting next door or in the backyard, take us home by way of the ends of the earth, or something else entirely? Don’t assume that the answer to this question is obvious from your pitch. You’ve got another 500 words here. Make them count!

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